Working on advanced exercises in your pilates practice can be exhilarating and exciting, but there are also times when you might need a different variation of an exercise to help your overall form. Here are 3 different ways to challenge your pilates side body twist! Each variation has a specific intention and will help you improve your practice across all the different pieces of equipment.

1. Side Body Twist on the Mat

This variation is a great place to start your attempts at side body twist. Doing this exercise on the mat will show you exactly what part of your body needs strengthening. If you get stuck in a certain part of this exercise, think about what muscle isn’t working for you. That kind of analysis is what will make or break the execution of this exercise.

side body twist on mat with body bombshell fitness

2. Side Body Twist on the Cadillac

If you discovered that your lack of obliques and lat connection is causing you to get “stuck,” then the cadillac version of this exercise will really help you. You might want an instructor to help you with this exercise at first. Sometimes the single spring on the push-thru bar can feel like it’s too much tension. Once you get the hang of it, then you will really start to “feel” the right connection to master this exercise on the mat.

side body twist on cadillac with body bombshell fitness

3. Side Body Twist on the Chair

In my personal opinion, this is the most challenging variation of the side body twist. You might have to adjust the spring setting on the pedal in the beginning attempts. If it is too heavy, you will feel like you are being catapulted up. If it is too light, you might not be able to move the pedal at all. The more you try it, the better chance you have to find the “just right” setting. Good luck with this one!

side body twist on chair with body bombshell fitness

If you would like to see my practice in action, watch the video below.

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