Whether you are the student or the teacher, there will always be the time when you need to reach deep and find the way to challenge the most advanced pilates body.
To help you find those exercises, here is a list of 3 ways to challenge the strongest pilates body with the fun and challenging exercise called horseback.

Check out Joseph Pilates executing horseback.

Joseph Pilates doing horseback on the reformer

With some creativity, you can use these 3 different variations for yourself or your clients!

1. Horseback on the Ladder Barrel

The ladder barrel is a good place to start learning the horseback exercise. It allows you to focus on the inner thighs and deep abdominal connection to lift you off of the barrel. You will want to master this exercise here before you attempt it on the other pieces of pilates equipment.

Horseback on the Ladder barrel with Body Bombshell Fitness

2. Horseback on the Reformer

The reformer has quite a few variations to get you strong enough for the full version of horseback. Take your time and really find your abs, hip adductors, and pelvic floor muscles.

Horseback on the reformer with Body Bombshell Fitness

3. Horseback on the Cadillac

The same muscles are required for you to find the lift off the box, but the arm springs are an added challenge. Personally, I find this the most challenging of all the horseback exercises.

Horseback on the Cadillac with Body Bombshell Fitness

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