Getting in your daily workout is a common part of our modern lives. Your mindset is to get to the gym to workout, which will keep you strong and healthy, but your trip to the gym could be putting you at risk for getting sick.

A study conducted by found that gyms can be hotspots for germs. They gathered bacteria samples from 27 different pieces of equipment at 3 different gyms. They found that free weights have 362 times more bacteria that a toilet seat, treadmills have 74 times more bacteria than a water faucet, and exercise bikes have 39 times more bacteria than a reusable cafeteria tray. Before you touch any of the surfaces at your local gym or group fitness class, think about the following images:

Germs on your free weights!

Germs on your treadmill!

Germs on your spin bike!

Bacteria and viruses can be transferred on to surfaces by touching them, so you need to think about all of the different surfaces that can have germs. Besides the equipment researched in the study above, consider the items in your group fitness classes.

-The Pilates straps on your Pilates machines
-The free yoga mats at your local yoga studio
-The bars at your local crossfit gyms

These are all areas where you should proceed with caution.
Germs can be left on these areas from the person who touched them before you and you can’t be sure that they wiped them down.

Here’s how you can prevent getting sick at your gym or group fitness classes.

When you work out at your gym, the most fool proof way to stay healthy is to wipe everything down before you touch it. This can seem cumbersome, but it will be worth it. Working out in group fitness classes can be a bit more challenging. There isn’t always time to wipe each piece of equipment down, but there are some items you can purchase to cut down on the chance of touching other people’s germs!

Personal Pilates Straps
Group pilates classes are really popular and the best way to workout germ-free is to bring your own personal pilates straps. The company, Strapilates, offers various colors and they cost $34.98.

Personal Yoga Mat
Many yoga studios offer a free mat, but it is a good idea to have your own. Hugger Mugger sells various colors and thicknesses and their prices range from $30-$120.

Personal Crossfit Gloves
Crossfit is another great group fitness workout that doesn’t always allow you time to wipe down each surface, but the company, G-loves, has you covered. They offer fashionable and functional hi-tech workout gloves specifically for women. Their gloves range from $40-$50 per pair.

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