Pilates is mainly known as a system of exercises designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, posture, and it enhances mental awareness, but what most people don’t know is the advanced levels of pilates are so complex and challenging that they can be fairly scary when you first learn them.

Here are the top 5 Pilates exercises that can be scary when you first learn them but then beautiful to finally execute!

1. Walkover on the Cadillac

Walkovers on the Cadillac require a good amount of upper body strength and flexibility through the legs to execute this exercise.

Scariest Moment: Being upside down and trusting that your arms will hold you!

Pilates walkover on the cadillac with Body Bombshell

2. Backbends on the Reformer

Backbends on the reformer require a flexible back, strong arms, and strong legs.

Scariest Moment: Holding the backbend against the resistance of the springs.

3. Balance Control Off on the Reformer
Balance Control has alot going on. You need to understand the balance control on the mat before you can attempt it on the reformer. You will also need to know the concept of a somersault to get on and off the reformer.

Scariest Moment: Trusting one foot to find the floor to roll off the reformer. Then understanding how to roll back on to the reformer by doing a slow and controlled front somersault.

4. Twist on Chair

Twist on the chair requires alot of upper body strength and abdominal connection.

Scariest Moment: Balancing on one arm!

5. Tucks on Cadillac

Tucks on the cadillac are similar to the walkovers, but you will be hanging upside down for a longer period of time.

Scariest Moment: Trusting your grip!

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