Happy Pilates Day!

This year Pilates Day is on Saturday, May 6th, 2017.

And yes, Pilates Day is a thing. It’s been going on since 2004 so that means it is time for you to join the Pilates party!This is the time for you to connect with your abs, find your breathe, and finally learn the epic move called the hundreds!

For my studious readers, Pilates day is an annual and international community event that is celebrated on the first Saturday in May. Pilates Day was started by the Pilates Method Alliance to foster the public appreciation and awareness of the Pilates method. Check out their website for more information about this day and their cause, www.pilatesday.org

pilates day and the pilates method alliance

Join me and my crew at our own Pilates Day celebration in Burbank, CA!
We will be set up in Verdugo Park, Burbank, CA from 11am-2pm on Saturday, May 6th.

Bring your own mat and towel and we will provide the rest. There will be new classes running every 20mins so you can explore the world of pilates.
You will learn all the essential matwork as well as some fun variations. Get ready to sweat!

We will also have exercise stations set up so you can get specific moves for your abs, arms, and booty. If you have injuries, we will have instructors on location that are able to answer questions about the best program for your injury.

Here is all the information you will need for all the fun!

pilates day 2017 with body bombshell fitness

Bring your friends and family! I would love to see you you!


If you can’t make it to Pilates Day, you can learn Pilates at home!
Check out my online Pilates classes.

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