Say hello to STRAPILATES! The personal, hygienic, and fashion forward pilates straps.

In my 20+ years of being a pilates instructor, I have become overly conscious of how hard it is to keep the reformer straps fresh and clean for my next client. Spraying down the equipment and wiping off the straps is not enough to keep the machines clean and sanitary. Using socks can cover their feet but sweaty and dirty hands is another concern. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and I started to sell my clients their own PERSONAL fashionable reformer straps.

That is why I created STRAPILATES, a way to SANITIZE, ACCESSORIZE, and EXERCISE!

Strapilates Pilates straps are a fashionable and hygienic way to keep your pilates workouts germ-free!
These personal Pilates straps give you the freedom to workout in your own germ-free pilates environment! This is especially important as we come into cold and flu season and it gives you the piece of mind of a hygienic workout.


Be Fashionable. Be Fabulous. Be Healthy.

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